Things TO DO IN Al-Muizz Li-Din Allah Al-Fatimi Street, CAIRO

Al Muizz Li Din Allah Al Fatimi, it is an open-air museum of Islamic architecture and antiquities. you will be very impressed with the buildings and monuments, and through the tour guides who are there.

The Suhaimi House

Discover the life of Cairenes in the past through the many and varied historical landmarks of this street. The Suhaimi House, for example, is one of the oldest houses in Cairo.
It is a traditional house in the city of Cairo, in Al-Darb Al-Asfar( the yellow path) , which branches off from Al-Muizz Li-Din Allah Street. The house was built in 1648, It was named so, in relation to the person who lived in it for the last time. Its area is about 2000 square meters.
It is now owned by the Egyptian government, and is used as a museum of traditional architecture. It was opened to be a center of cultural and artistic radiation that expresses the Egyptian identity.

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Al-Aqmar Mosque

Then go to visit the Al-Aqmar Mosque, the smallest mosque in Cairo, which was built in 1125. The main facade of the mosque is the oldest stone facade remaining so far. Also, the floor has a distinct design.

Bab Zuwayla

( meaning “gate of Zuwayla”). It is considered one of the major landmarks of the city (cairo), It is the only remaining gate of the southern wall of the city’s Fatimid phase.
It bears witness to an important important historical events with its impressive dimensions, and architectural details, perfect stone masonry, and graceful twin minarets rising from its round-fronted towers. You can climb to the top of this medieval-era relic (built in the 11th century) for some amazing rooftop views over Islamic Cairo.