Located near the mouth of Nile River delta, Egypt’s modern capital is a busy, bustling metropolis with a long and turbulent history.
Built near the ancient capital city of Memphis, modern Cairo is a popular starting point for cruises up the Nile and for explorations of the Pyramids at Giza just outside the city’s limits.

Al-Muizz Li-Din Allah Al-Fatimi Street

Al-Muizz Li-Din Allah Al-Fatimi Street is located in Cairo, and it is precisely in the middle of it, in the Al-Azhar area, It is one of Cairo’s oldest streets.During your tour in Al-Moez Li Din Allah Al-Fatimi Street, you will be very impressed with the buildings and monuments, and through the tour guides who are there, you will know that This is the street where Al-Moez himself used to live. (he was the fourth Fatimid Caliph-26September 932 -19 December 975), and Other historical figures. It is an open-air museum of Islamic architecture and antiquities…more

Khan Al-Khalili

On the parallel street, where narrow streets and bazaars shops ; Khan Al-Khalili is one of the prominent and attractive tourist destinations in the city of Cairo, and it is one of the neighborhoods of Old Cairo. It is more than 600 years old. plenty of cheap papyrus pictures and plastic pyramids on display. stores and cluttered workshops are some of the best places to visit to pick up traditional products in Egypt. Shops specializing in selling antiques, gifts and handcrafts, food products such as sweets and spices. So; It is the best place to buy souvenirs.
Do not forget to eat traditional Egyptian food, as there are many restaurants and cafes there..

Abdeen palace

abdeen palace, is one of the most famous and best tourist places in Cairo, it is a wonderful historical architectural masterpiece. It was built during the rule of the family of Muhammad Ali Pasha in Egypt, as it was at that time the seat of government since 1872.
The story of Abdeen Palace began in 1863 when Ismail Pasha bought the land to build his palace. The construction took 10 years, and was finished in 1873.
With french design made it simulate European palaces, the palace contains hundreds of rooms, and major halls for celebrations, and a few museums that contain hundreds of historical treasures.
It is surrounded by walls and giant iron gates, and beautiful gardens, and overlooks a wide square; It is the famous Abdeen Square.
If you are interested in museums. Do not miss visiting this palace

Pharaonic Village, Egypt

5 km from the center of Cairo; The “Pharaonic Village” was built on the banks of the Nile. Once the tourist enters the village, he feels as if he rode a time machine and took him back thousands of years; to prehistoric.
You can see there, some examples of the occupations was hold for the people at the pharaonic time like the producing perfumes, burdi and fishing..etc
you are transported by floating amphitheaters, while a hundred actors and actresses demonstrate scenes from ancient Egypt.
A tour guide acccompanies you on your tours and introduces you to its nature and history.
And there is a small market with hand made things nice for gifts.

Cairo Tower

The Cairo Tower is located in the Egyptian city of Cairo, it was built between 1956 and 1961 in the shape of the Egyptian lotus flower, located in the heart of Cairo on the island of Zamalek in the Nile River. It reaches a height of 187 meters. It offers a wonderful panoramic view of Cairo and the Nile, which is overlooked by the tower building.
Don’t miss the opportunity to take a trip over the observation deck at sunset to see dusk settle over the city.

Baron Empain Palace, Egypt

The palace is located on the main road to Cairo International Airport. Its foundation dates back to the 19th century by order of a Belgian millionaire, who came to Egypt from India at the end of the 19th century. It is a unique architectural masterpiece in the city of Cairo. The palace consists of two floors and includes 7 rooms, and adjoins the palace a great tower of 4 floors, its staircases covered with marble and Indian statues, overlooking a vast green garden.

Citadel of Saladin

Its Islamic design is characterized by minarets and huge silver domes dating back to the 14th century. The castle also contains a number of archaeological museums and mosques, and you can climb to the highest tower in the castle and watch Cairo from above.

Egyptian Museum

this museum shows off the best collection of ancient Egyptian art anywhere, The ancient museum includes about 150,000 pieces dealing with the history of Pharaonic, Roman and Greek Egypt. Built in 1901 by an Italian construction company. In 2021, the museum is set to replace the newer and larger Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza.

Cairo Opera House

Among the cultural places that can not be missed. The opera opened in 1988.
The opera building contains many cultural and entertainment centers, museums and works of art. The surrounding garden also allows this place to be an excellent natural habitat.
Nearby, opposite Opera House, is the recently reopened Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum.

Al-Azhar Park, Cairo

away from other archaeological sites. The park oprovides a much needed respite to the overcrowded chaos of Cairo’s street hustle.

Built over what was essentially a medieval rubbish dump.

It was opened in 2005, and has an area of ​​30 hectares.

It is located in the heart of the ancient and historical city of Cairo, and the park enjoys great views as it overlooks the city of Cairo from all sides.
All in all, a very comfortable and a pleasant sight to experience.

The Mosque of Ibn Tulun

Is one of the most important tourist places in Cairo, Egypt. It was built by Ahmad ibn Tulun between AD 876 and 879. He was concerned with engineering matters in building the mosque.
It is the only remaining mosque in Egypt whose features have not changed for hundreds of years, where the main prayer hall still preserves parts of its ancient decoration of carved stucco and wood, and the mihrab here has remnants of its original gold mosaic decoration. The minaret of the mosque, with 40-meter-high, is the oldest minaret in Egypt.

The International Park, Cairo

The International Garden in Cairo was opened in late 1987, with very impressive designs, so it was divided into many parts, each of which symbolizes a specific country. You can walk the wide walkways in the garden, explore the garden and enjoy the peace and quiet, and you can also ride the garden train that wraps it within 20 minutes.

Giza Zoo, Cairo

The zoo was founded in 1819, as it is considered the largest zoo in Egypt and the Middle East.
There is a museum that was built in 1906, which contains rare collections of stuffed birds and reptiles.

Coptic Museum, Cairo, Egypt.

The Coptic Museum is the largest museum in the world for the antiquities of Egypt from the Christian period.

Upon visiting this ancient museum situated at the site of Babylon, you can see the tomb made of Geyser, which dates back to the end of the 4th century AD.
The ‘Hanging Church’ of Virgin Mary and ‘The Church of St. Sergius’ situated in Coptic Museum compound are as old as 5th Century AD.
The artifacts are presented in a scientific manner, in which the chronological order is taken into account as much as possible.
Along with this, the marvellous architecture of the museum as well as the churches present is another thing which is going to drop down your jaws in admiration, so do not miss the opportunity to visit it.

Tahrir Square, Midan al-Tahrir, Egypt

You can walk around Tahrir Square, as it is generally crowded, both locals and tourists, and you can see many famous places around it such as the American University, and the headquarters of the League of Arab States.
Tahrir Square is the largest square in Cairo in Egypt and is located in the center of the city, as it is the vibrant center of the city and is surrounded by many restaurants, cafes and shops.