Travel to Chile



Nestled between the world’s largest ocean, driest desert, longest mountain range, and southernmost grasslands, is Santiago de Chile. It’s no wonder that this South American capital is a city of extremes.
Bienvenidos a Santiago, a cosmopolitan city where you can be whoever you want to be.


Far away, at the fabled ‘edge of the world’; the natural wonders of Patagonia await. This last frontier of South America slopes down from The Andes towards Antarctica, covering the sparsely inhabited southern regions of both Chile and Argentina. No destination captures the imagination like Patagonia.
This is a land of legendary beauty, where Mother Nature runs the show. Prepare to feel dwarfed by the mighty volcanoes, towering glaciers and floating icebergs that are sure to cross your path.
In this remote region, even the most firmly planted human footprint is soon covered under blankets of snow, erased by westerly winds, or washed away by lapping waves