Travel to Mexico

A magical place where you will find history, routes, gastronomy among many other things about Mexico.

With diverse destinations ranging from metropolitan Mexico City to the sands of Tulum, Mexico boasts vacation spots that appeal to all sorts of visitors.
the best places to visit in Mexico by factoring in cultural attractions, beaches, nightlife, chili-spiced cuisine, steamy jungles, and teeming cities


Mexico City

is one of the liveliest and largest cities in the world, with a renowned arts and culture scene.
Mexico City is the nation’s capital. Vibrant, multifaceted and always on the move. It is the political, economic and cultural core of the Mexican Republic.
Mexico City keeps between its streets and long avenues the hidden secrets and events that have shaped the nation.
perfect for the frugal, culture-loving traveler who feels at home in a large, crowded place


Capital of Yucatan, it is a city on a human scale that has a lot to offer to travelers.
This destination seems to be a stage ready to be photographed, or to shoot a film. Merida truly is a beautiful travel destination, inside and out.

Nicknamed the ciudad blanca (white city), you certainly do see some white structures while roaming around the grid-like streets of this charming colonial city.
While much of the peninsula is famed for its resorts, Meérida is the epicentre of Yucatan culture, history, and, Mayan pride.